Payroll has become the recurring task that many small business owners and managers have come to dread. With ongoing tax law changes, reporting requirements and ACA mandates payroll can become very time consuming and complicated. It does not have to be! Let Crescent Payroll’s team of experienced professional streamline your payroll while you spend more time focused on your business.

Crescent Payroll offers a robust service offering of:

  • New Hire reporting
  • Time off accruals
  • General ledger interface
  • Custom report creation
  • Garnishment Payment
  • 401(k) File Upload To Your Money Manager

Online Payroll

There are many options to process your payroll and with technology now allows many businesses to choose this option for many reasons. The biggest difference with our online technology is the customized training and support for each client. From self-service online demos, user guides, web-exs or onsite training each client is given the support they want.

  • Allow to process your payroll via the web anytime anywhere
  • Internet security
  • Preview your payroll reports at your convenience prior to submission
  • Secure 128K Encryption: This allows multiple users to access the same database simultaneously from any location.
  • No installation of software at your site. No sending or receiving files.

Tax services

Payroll tax laws are constantly changing and keeping track of knowing how much to send to who, where it goes in what format and when to do so can be almost a full time job. As a client of Crescent Payroll we take that responsibility for you!

  • Increased cash flow
  • Fringe benefits management
  • Assistance in the registration on federal, state and local accounts
  • You are provided access to reference copies of all federal, state and local tax filings
  • We guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of filing and depositing all federal, state and local taxes

Reporting options

  • Online
  • Fax
  • Call
  • Email