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As a growing small business, we value Crescent Payroll’s availability they offer to us. When we have a question that we can’t answer, we are confident that they are a phone call away to help solve our payroll problems. Their timeliness in responding to our questions and in giving us solutions allows our company to operate efficiently in the growing needs of our business and gives us more time to focus on our main line of business.

Brett Perrier and Keith Esquerré

Principal Members


About Perrier Esquerré Contractors:

The vision of Perrier Esquerré Contractors, LLC started in the hallways of LSU. In 2014, Brett Perrier partnered up with his longtime friend and colleague, Keith Esquerré, to create a unique general contracting and construction company, grounded on honesty, integrity, and hard work. Their vision has always been to create a construction company that provides an exceptional quality product delivered on time and within budget. The company was founded on the core values of innovation, project collaboration, and cost efficiency.

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, our founding members have completed over $750 million in commercial projects. Perrier Esquerré Contractors is fully capable of successfully completing any type of construction project, regardless of the size or complexity. Unlike other contractors, they approach all projects with a collaborative mindset. Perrier Esquerré Contractors believe the only way to successfully complete a project is to work with the owner and design professionals as a team. This team effort allows them to solve advanced problems, maintain budgets, keep an on-time delivery schedule, and deliver a quality product.

Keith and Brett’s commercial construction skills, mastered along the way, add great value to all projects they touch. Their attention to detail ensures success on all levels of your project! If you’d like to know more about us or see our previous projects, visit our website at